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Miss N Williams – Head of Department

About Catering / Food Technology

In Year 7, students have an Introduction to the Food practical room. They are given health and safety demonstrations on how to use gas and electric cookers.

Pupils learn about kitchen safety, food hygiene, food nutrition and healthy eating. They carry out practical tasks that include a snack, vegetable soup, fresh fruit salad, fruit crumble and trifle.
Pupils then complete the booklet called ‘Safety’ to enable them to understand Kitchen Safety, Food safety and Personal Hygiene. A second booklet called ‘Food and Nutrition’ is then completed and this booklet helps pupils understand Nutrition, Healthy Eating and Dietary Disorders.

Pupils also have the opportunity to cook and prepare 4 to 5 different types of recipes, such as vegetable soup and a fruit salad.

Year 8 students learn about and complete activities on bakery products; functions of ingredients used in bakery products; and developing a design specification for a bakery product. Practical activities involve pupils preparing dishes that help to develop their cake making and pastry making skills. Pupils also learn the functions of ingredients in cake making, cake making experiments with sugar and cake making experiments with fats. Results of the experiments help to produce a table and explain the reason for Consumer Acceptability.

Pupils also produce a range of ‘healthier’ bakery products, suitable for children and teenagers and learn how to make bakery products using the following: Creaming Method, Rubbing-in Method and preparing to make a dish using short crust pastry.

In year 9 pupils learn about and complete activities on food safety, spoilage and contamination, the role of Environmental Health Officer and food product development in a local context.

Pupils are asked to produce a dish suitable for school lunch, and to consider issues such as ‘multi-culturalism’, ‘sustainability’ and ‘carbon footprint’.

Practical activities involve pupils preparing dishes that are suitable to be served as a main course, e.g., Bolognese Sauce, Chicken Curry, Risotto, Tuna Pasta Bake.

In year 10 and 11, at GCSE level, the following topics are covered:

  • Nutrition, diet and health throughout life
  • The nutritional needs of individuals
  • The additives in food and convenience foods
  • Food poisoning, food spoilage and preservation
  • Food health, safety and hygiene
  • Planning and cooking dishes and meals
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