Integrated Curriculum


Miss R Moore – Head of Department

About Integrated Curriculum

In Year 7, pupils study an Integrated Curriculum that includes the following subjects: Science, Religious Studies, Geography, History, Literacy and ICT. As part of the Integrated Curriculum, learners work to develop the skills that they need for the years ahead. One of their first tasks is to identify their individual learning styles and as the year progresses pupils produce work that aims to strengthen all of their learning styles. Learners experience the art of working effectively as a group and explore some of the successful thinking methods that they may wish to apply to their work throughout all subject areas.

Themes that learners studying during the year are  ‘Who am I?’, ‘The Island’ and ‘Myths and Legends’. The key topics are; Settlements and Immigration, Features of the Church, Acids and Alkalis, Habitats, Battle of Hastings, Big Bang Vs Creation, Forces and Solids, Liquids and Gases.

The intended outcomes of these themes are to develop thinking, communication, I.C.T and number skills as pupils are encouraged to: ask questions and gather information about themselves; respond to reading stimulus and write about their own experiences accurately; use number to describe periods of time; create and present information and ideas using power point and finally evaluate their own learning and thinking. These skills, highlighted in the 2008 Skills Framework, combine with the creative teaching of the staff involved.

Towards the end of the year, Year 7 pupils are encouraged to further prepare themselves for the transition from Year 7 to Year 8.

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