Mrs S Horton – Head of Department

About History

In Year 7 the topics of study focus on the question ‘Whose world is it anyway?’

  • Topics include:
  • Who are the Royal Family
  • Who has more power: The King or Parliament?
  • Power struggles between the crown and the church

In Year 8 the topics of study focus on the question ‘Where on Earth…?’

Topics include:

  • A study of different time periods in British History: The Tudors and religious changes
  • An investigation into an aspect of European History: How has Migration changed the world?
  • A case-study into the slave trade

In Year 9 the topics of study focus on the question ‘Can one act change the world?’

Topics include:

  • The Industrial Revolution
  • The world at war
  • American History
  • Extremism

For GCSE, students investigate three modules which are examined:

  • A study in Depth (British History): Depression, War and Recovery 1930-1951
  • A study in Depth (European History): Germany in Transition 1919-1939 (Pupils have an opportunity to sit this exam at the end of Year 10).
  • A thematic study: Changes in Health and Medicine from 1340 to the present day.

Pupils will also complete a Non-Examination Assessment:

The effects of war on Wales and England in the twentieth century.

The tasks will focus on two aspects of World War I: (i) the impact on women and (ii) the leadership of the generals.

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