Mrs S Horton – Head of Department

About History

In Year 7 History is taught as part of the Integrated Curriculum and then in Year 8 pupils are taught in dedicated History classes.

In Year 8 pupils investigate aspects of the module Wales and Britain in the Early Modern World, c. 1485 – 1750. This includes an examination of the Problems of Religion during the later Tudor period, the Origins of the Civil War, the execution of Charles I and the Rule of Cromwell.

Year 9 pupils investigate aspects of the module “Wales and Britain in the Twentieth Century World”. Pupils study the outbreak of World War 2 and some important events of that conflict. The year ends with an individual investigation entitled “A Day that changed the world.”

For GCSE, students investigate the Thematic Examination Module “Sport, Leisure & Tourism in Wales and England during the 20th century. A part of this study students look at the development of Sport and the nature of popular entertainment during the 20th century. Students conclude their examination of aspects of the module Germany in Transition, 1929 – 1947. Pupils also undertake their Controlled Task. This is worth 25% of the final examination mark and involves two separate investigations into aspects of War and its impact on Society during the 20th century.

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