Mr L Brewer

About Drama

Drama is taught at GCSE and during the course students learn to use Drama to express ideas and feelings about a range of issues, how a playwright expresses their ideas about a theme or topic, how to explore ways of making a play work on stage and being involved in the performance of a play from an existing script and one that you have created. They also experience live theatre, learning from professionals on stage and critically evaluating their performances.

The course consists of three units and each unit is completed during the two-year course.

UNIT 1: Devised Practical Performance (60%). Task 1 – 40% Devised Performance. Students devise a practical performance based on a theme, linked with a practitioner or genre. Task 2 – 20% Devised Performance Report. Candidates complete a written report on the practical work they completed in Task One, under formal supervision.

UNIT 2: Performance from a Text (20 %). Candidates are assessed on either their acting or a theatre design skill, in a scene from a published play.

UNIT 3: Written Examination (20%) (1½ hrs). Candidates are assessed on their ability to analyse one set text as an actor, designer and director and to evaluate practical work completed in Unit 2.

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