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About Drama


In KS3, Year 7 are taught one lesson a fortnight. The Drama department is currently working very closely with the Art and Music departments as an Expressive Arts Area of Learning and Experience.

Our topic for the year is ‘Who am I?’ and the aim is to develop pupils understanding of 6 key phrases: Structure, Composition and Devising, Movement, Colour and Tone, Genre and Texture.

Within this topic, in Drama, pupils will study six sub topics throughout the academic year (1 per half term).

UNIT 1: Who am I?

UNIT 2: The world of work

UNIT 3: How to create a masterpiece

UNIT 4: Be true to yourself

UNIT 5: Our community and the wider world

UNIT 5: Creating for a new world

The basis of our drama curriculum aims to develop our pupils into healthy and confident individuals, ambitious capable learners, ethically informed citizens and enterprising and creative contributors.

This structure pushes our pupils to develop skills and build foundation on the knowledge that is required during KS4.

KEY STAGE 4 (YEAR 10/11):

In KS4, pupils can opt to study Drama as a GCSE subject. They study the WJEC Drama 2016 specification. This is split into 3 separate units.

UNIT 1: DEVISING THEATRE (40% of qualification)

UNIT 2: PERFORMING THEATRE (20% of qualification)

UNIT 3: INTERPRETING THEATRE (40% of qualification)

The WJEC GCSE in Drama is an exciting, inspiring and practical course. The specification promotes involvement in and enjoyment of drama, as performers and/or designers. Additionally it provides opportunities to attend live theatre performances and to develop skills as informed and thoughtful audience members. Through following this specification, learners will be given opportunities to participate in and interpret their own and others’ drama.

The WJEC GCSE Drama specification is designed to give learners a broad and balanced experience of drama.

The specification is designed to integrate knowledge and understanding of how drama and theatre are developed and performed across a range of dramatic activities. Across the three units learners will study:

  • The techniques of either a theatre practitioner or a genre of drama
  • Two complete performance texts, one explored through a performance of key extracts and the other explored and studied as theatre for the written examination.


Besides studying drama as a subject in the curriculum. Pupils are provided with the opportunity to participate in drama as an extra-curricular activity.  We stage an annual school musical production every February; in February 2019 pupils will be performing the family favourite, ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

Alongside the annual school musical production, we work closely with our six feeder primary schools on a transition project every summer term. This involves the gym and dance department and gives a variety of pupils the opportunity to showcase their talents. In July 2018 over 200 pupils took to the stage for our ‘One Night Only’ transition project concert. In July 2019 we will stage ‘The Greatest Show’, our circus themed transition project that will provide pupils to showcase their music, artistic, dramatic and sporting talents onstage with our prospective pupils.

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