Design Technology


Miss N Williams – Head of Department
Mr A Davies

About Design Technology

In Key Stage 3 pupils are taught knowledge and understanding of tools and materials. A number of products are made from “Hard edged” materials.  An introduction to computer control also features in the Year 7 programme: safe working practices are taught along with the recognition of risks and hazards that can be associated with a workshop environment. Some of the materials used during this term include acrylic sheet and soft wood.

Year 8 students use CAD / CAM is using 2D Design software and the EGX 300 CAMM machine. Materials used include engraving material and soft wood assembly processes. The knowledge is expanded upon in Year 9 via the process of welding – again the materials used include acrylic sheet and soft wood, as well as mild steel.

Pupils studying Design Technology in Years 10 and 11 follow a WJEC GCSE syllabus and learn a wide variety of skills and techniques, including:

  • Designing and Making Skills
  • Carrying Out Investigations
  • Developing Designs
  • Use of ICT
  • Communicating and Modelling Ideas
  • Photo Imaging and Data Handling
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Understanding Properties of Materials
  • Working Knowledge of Materials and Processes
  • Selection and Use of Tools
  • Quality Control and Production Methods
  • Working to a Schedule
  • Appropriate Use of CAD/CAM
  • Application of Suitable Finishes
  • Risk Assessment and Health & Safety

Assessment is via a Controlled Assessment Task (60%) that consists of designing (8-10hrs) and making (20-22hrs) an item based on a design brief issued by the exam board. there is also a final examination worth 40% of the total marks.

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