Design Technology


Mr A Davies

About Design Technology & Product Design

In Key Stage 3 pupils are taught knowledge and understanding of tools and materials. A number of products are made from “Hard edged” materials.  An introduction to computer control also features in the Year 7 programme: safe working practices are taught along with the recognition of risks and hazards that can be associated with a workshop environment. Some of the materials used during this term include acrylic sheet and soft wood.

Year 8 students use CAD / CAM is using 2D Design software that can be used along with the laser cutter. Materials used include engraving material and soft wood assembly processes. The knowledge is expanded upon in Year 9 via the process of 3D design that works with the 3D printers –the materials used PLA and acrylic.

Pupils studying Design Technology in Years 10 and 11 follow a WJEC GCSE syllabus and learn a wide variety of skills and techniques, including:

  • Designing and Making Skills
  • Carrying Out Investigations
  • Developing Designs
  • Use of ICT
  • Communicating and Modelling Ideas
  • Photo Imaging and Data Handling
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Understanding Properties of Materials
  • Working Knowledge of Materials and Processes
  • Selection and Use of Tools
  • Quality Control and Production Methods
  • Working to a Schedule
  • Appropriate Use of CAD/CAM
  • Application of Suitable Finishes
  • Risk Assessment and Health & Safety

Assessment is via a Controlled Assessment Task (50%) that consists of designing (8-10hrs) and making (20-22hrs) an item based on a design brief issued by the exam board. there is also a final examination worth the other 50% of the total marks.