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Mrs S Anderson- Head of Department

About Art & Design

Year 7 pupils explore mark marking and tone whilst looking at natural forms. They design their own google logo investigating how lettering can be manipulated through colour and shape. They then begin exploring colours and their associated moods before producing a self-portrait in the style of Welsh artist Shani Rhys James.

In Year 8 pupils make a series of observational studies of junk food focusing on colour and texture. They then have the opportunity to develop their photography skills creating their own sweet compositions before perfecting their understanding of scale and proportion looking at Sarah Grahams close up confectionary paintings. They also explore structure and buildings creating a print piece.

Year 9 pupils draw from resources and debate the contents of a 21st century ‘Pandora’s Box.’ They research topical issues within society learning how to create mixed media work that creates mood and impact. They then work towards a GCSE style theme exploring a topic they choose, investigating and refining their use of a variety of media.

At GCSE, students produce a portfolio of artwork based upon an individual theme in Year 10 which they carry on through to the first term of Year 11. Students experiment with a wide variety of art materials, tools and techniques such as painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, textiles and computer-aided design. Students then complete an exam unit, choosing from a selection of externally-set themes and summarised in a personal final piece.

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