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Mrs S Anderson- Head of Department
Mr A Davies

About Art & Design

Year 7 pupils are exploring colours and their associated moods before producing a self-portrait in the style of Welsh artist Shani Rhys James. They also make some ‘Celtic Treasure’ out of clay before making an illustration based on a colour.

In Year 8 pupils make a series of observational studies of shells using a variety of materials, tools and techniques. These drawings form the basis of an abstract clay piece. They also design and make ‘Tribal Insects’ out of card and papier-mâché.

Year 9 pupils draw from resources and relate their work to those of artists who are inspired by birds. The final outcome is a ceramic bird based on the work of Hunderwasser and Oiva Toikka. They then work towards creating a ceramic mug before making collages based on ‘Mythological Mysteries’.

At GCSE, students produce a portfolio of artwork based upon a theme in Year 10. The current theme is ‘Natural & Man-Made Forms’. Students then experiment with a wide variety of art materials, tools and techniques such as painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, textiles and computer-aided design.

Students then complete a personal piece in Year 11 based on their favourite materials and techniques.
This course is ideal for students who enjoy experimenting with different art materials, tools and techniques and are interested in careers that require a background in Art & Design.

The BTEC course allows students to explore:

  • Basic 2D and 3D skills
  • How artists, craftworkers and designers influence your own work
  • Vocational approaches to Art & Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Ceramics

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