Holy Door Invitation – St Aloysius Church

Have you heard about the “holy door” which Pope Francis has opened in a church near you?

Details of the event can be found in this attachment.

There’s an ancient custom that a few times each century, the Pope opens a Holy Door in Rome and invites people to come on pilgrimage. But Pope Francis does things differently. He has asked Cathedrals and other important churches around the world to open Holy Doors, so there is a door accessible to everyone, even people who can’t travel far.

You are invited to come and find out more about your local holy door, and why Pope Francis has called a “Year of Mercy” which runs until November 2016. We’d like you to come and share a meal with members of the local Catholic community; after the meal, someone will give a 10-minute talk about the Holy Door and then, if you wish to pass through it as part of a simple prayer service, you can.

You don’t have to be a Catholic to come along – in fact, part of the message of the open door is that everyone is welcome to “come and see” what the Catholic Church is all about. You don’t need to book or contact anyone in advance, but if you do have questions, there is a phone number and an e-mail address for you to contact.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Yours Sincerely,

Revd Gareth Leyshon (a parish priest in Cardiff, Holy Door project leader) on behalf of Archbishop George